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Generations Singers – Come Join the Fun!

The SLCC Generation Singers began in May of 2018 when alumni gathered to rehearse for the 40th anniversary concert. We discovered that we missed singing on a regular basis and the idea of an alumni based ensemble began to form. The group rehearses bi-weekly on Friday nights at the Choir Office and sings a diverse repertoire of mainly acapella music. While the group was formed by SLCC alumni, we welcome non-alumni singers as well. For more information, please contact Kim Stewart.

Hear from some of the Generation Singers in this video!

Generation Singers Concert – FREE and open to the public – Sunday June 2nd at 1:00 PM at the Historic Sanctuary next to the Choir Office on Ballas Road. All are welcome!

40th Anniversary Alumni Chorus

SLCC Alums at Powell Hall for the 40th Anniversary Concert

SLCC alumni of all years celebrated 40 years of The St. Louis Children’s Choirs in May 2018! Over 80 alums returned to form the Alumni Chorus that performed at the 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert at Powell Hall. We can’t wait for the next anniversary in 2023!



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All spring, we’ve been sharing Alumni stories on our Facebook page. Want to jump in and join the fun? Record yourself on your cell phone and let us know your favorite memories of singing in SLCC or how the choirs have impacted your life. E-mail to info@slccsing.org or message us on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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