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Important announcement as of 02/28/22Important announcement

The health, safety, and well-being of
our students, families, staff, and community are our top priority.

By conducting safe, in-person rehearsals, we fulfilled an important need for young people:

"It is inspirational what SLCC has been able to accomplish. We want to say a heartfelt Thank You for all your hard work this past year.  Our son Ian is a bass in his second year of the Young Men’s Chorus and like many teens this has been a tough year for him. . . When SLCC restarted in person rehearsals last fall, we had confidence that SLCC was doing everything possible to ensure safety and this allowed Ian to participate.  In fact, Ian’s hour of rehearsal at SLCC has often been the only time he left the house.  Having that contact with other kids his age, as well as the opportunity to sing beautiful music, has been so important to his mental and emotional well-being. . . So thank you all. . . for providing a safe environment this past year for kids like Ian."

2020-2021 Choir parent

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Online Rehearsals Available

  • Students are expected to attend in-person as music-making is a community endeavor.

  • To accommodate special cases of illness, travel, or other circumstances, rehearsals will be live streamed via Zoom. Please contact the Choir Office when your student will attend via Zoom in one of these special cases so that your student’s director can be notified in advance.

  • If your student wishes to participate for the entire semester exclusively by Zoom please contact the Choir Office.

  • Students who attend online for more than 3 rehearsals in any 8-week period before a concert, must set up an evaluation with their director to confirm performance readiness.

Class Sizes

Class sizes are determined by the size of the rehearsal space with generous spacing.

  • PUCC Sanctuary will accommodate up to 65 singers (Capacity 314)

  • PUCC Fellowship Hall will accommodate up to 65 singers (Capacity 305)

  • Choir Office will accommodate up to 20 singers (Capacity 110)

Exposure and Testing

If a singer or family member has been exposed to or is being tested for COVID, the singer must stay home for 10 days and should attend rehearsals via ZOOM. If a singer tests positive or is likely positive for COVID, the singer may return to choir 10 days after symptom onset as long as they are fever free for more than 24 hours and healthy.

Missouri ArtSafe Certified

The St. Louis Children’s Choirs is ArtSafe certified. The Missouri Arts Council promotes COVID-19 safe practices by arts and cultural organizations statewide. Certified organizations adhere to a core level of safe practices. For more information about ArtSafe Certification click here.

Air Purification and Cleaning

Powerful HEPA air filters will create a continuous air exchange. Sanitization of air & surfaces will take place between rehearsals.

Masks and Social Distancing

All singers and staff will wear face masks at all times when on the property. Singers must wear their own clean, well-fitted mask, regardless of vaccination status, until masks are no longer required. Disposable masks are recommended and should be thrown away after singing as they become wet. Cloth masks should be washed.

SLCC will begin rehearsals with 5 foot spacing between students when singing and re-evaluate as appropriate. Students are asked to maintain 3 feet of distance during brief rehearsal breaks.

Health Screening and Attendance

Health/wellness check:
All persons attending rehearsals must be healthy for 10 days prior to the first rehearsal. Weekly self-examination as to fitness prior to attending rehearsal is required. Parents and singers are responsible for monitoring the students’ health and wellness and must be able to answer“no” to the following for singers to attend rehearsals:

  • Do I have an above normal temperature?

  • Do I feel any flu-like symptoms?

  • Have I lost my sense of taste and/or smell?

  • Am I or a family member currently awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test?

  • Have I had contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with or who likely has symptoms associated with COVID?

If anyone is exhibiting any symptoms they will not be admitted to rehearsal. Remote attendance via Zoom is encouraged for any singers with possible COVID symptoms or exposure.

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