The St. Louis Children’s Choirs trains interested young singers within six progressive ensembles, offering a challenging and age-appropriate choral experience. Choirs rehearse once a week from late August through May. Beginning Music Makers rehearse for 45 minutes, intermediate levels for 90 minutes, and advanced choirs for two hours. Concert Choir rehearses twice a week. Ensembles meet in small sections at different locations and times in West County and University City.

The Choir Curriculum

Students sing both classical and contemporary music written by master composers. Performing music that includes a variety of styles — jazz and gospel, sacred and secular, folk music and Mozart, — students grow in a choral setting where they are respected as young artists and perform with professional musicians. All ensembles of the Children’s Choirs sing at Powell Symphony Hall each December. Advanced choirs tour nationally and internationally, and perform as the official children’s choir of the St. Louis Symphony.

Music Reading Classes

Music reading classes are offered to teach basic and advanced musicianship skills. While many young people play instruments, it is a new challenge to learn to sight-read music without a keyboard or instrument to produce the sound. Students learn to sing with solfege (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do), read rhythms, and understand key signatures so that they can sing more challenging music. Music reading classes are offered for students at the Chorale level and up. Classes are 30 minutes long and are held immediately before or after rehearsals. Students must be able to read music to be considered for the advanced levels: Choristers, Concert Choir, and Young Men’s Chorus.

Music Makers

a beginning choral experience for children in 1st and 2nd grades.

Children’s Choir

a training choir for students in 3rd grade and above.

Children's Choir


an intermediate level choir for middle school students.


an advanced level choir for experienced students with strong sight-reading skills.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir

the top treble-voiced performing choir which tours nationally and internationally.

Young Men’s Chorus

an ensemble for young men with changed/changing voices singing Tenor and Bass.