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Ensemble Assistants (part time)

Ensemble Assistant

Reports to: Director of Assigned Choir Section and Choir Manager

Position Summary:
Provide administrative and musical support for the assigned ensemble director(s). Organize administrative records including but not limited to attendance records and music distribution. Answer parent and student questions; hand out announcements; and supervise students at rehearsals, concerts, and on breaks. Set up and take down rehearsal spaces; help students if a need arises during a rehearsal or concert; supervise and monitor parent pick-up at the end of rehearsals; check concert wardrobe; assist directors and students at all performances; and other related tasks. Assist with warm-ups and sectionals when needed.

Work-related expectations:
• Assist the ensemble director at all rehearsals and performances; recognize opportunities to provide support
• Serve as the first line of communication with students and parents at rehearsals and concerts
• Keep well-informed of Choir procedures, events, and all mailings; take positive steps to avoid misunderstandings
• Maintain accurate records and effectively handle administrative tasks
Correctly and completely record attendance at every rehearsal and performance
Track student tardiness and absenteeism – report to ensemble director and Choir Manager
Record, distribute, and collect music; reconcile music inventory lists
Coordinate with other ensemble assistants to accurately track make-up rehearsals at the end of each semester
• Stay in regular communication with the Choir Manager and Administrative Assistant
Complete reports; communicate with parents; request necessary supplies
• Display an organized approach in carrying out assignments
• Effectively supervise students at rehearsals, concerts, and, if applicable, on tour
Give clear instructions
Correct without criticizing
Maintain a positive atmosphere
• Closely follow operating procedures and safety measures; take prompt action and resolve concerns
• Demonstrate basic musical skills in conducting, warm-ups, basic piano skills, sight-singing, and solfege when needed

• Excel in anticipating needs
• Show genuine respect and consideration
• Maintain a high degree of ethical conduct; maintain complete confidentiality
• Be dependable and accurate in carrying out responsibilities
• Have a sincere love of children and the ability to understand and anticipate the needs of students and parents
• Display a pleasant and calm approach
• Contribute to the operation and growth of the Choirs

Please email resume with contact information to:

Dan Mayo, Choir Manager
The St. Louis Children’s Choirs
Position open until filled