Today on Meet the Staff Monday, we have a special surprise for you! Our new intern, Harry the Hippopotamus, would love to meet you next time you stop by the Choir Office. Harry leads an active lifestyle, and even has a famous sister! Read on to learn more…

Harry posing with his favorite singers, the Music Makers!

Harry posing with his favorite singers, the Music Makers!

1. What brought you to SLCC?

My friend Mrs. Belinda Burnworth told me about her Music Makers singers, and I just had to come and meet them.  I loved visiting their rehearsal last year!

2. What is your earliest musical memory OR How was music a part of your childhood?

I remember hearing the birds sing as my mother and I went for our morning swim.

3. Is there a book or story that influenced your life or is your favorite?

The Princess and the Pea story is wonderful. I feel like I can really relate to the princess, it’s so hard to get comfortable when you’re trying to fall asleep.

4. Which animated/Disney movie can you watch over and over again?

Fantasia. My sister Sharlene was an extra in the dance scene.


Harry’s sister Sharlene danced in Disney’s Fanstasia

5. Tell us about one of your hobbies outside of music.

I love to play tennis. My racket has a special handle so that I don’t drop it.

6. It’s time for breakfast… what is on your plate?

A vegan smoothie with lots of lemongrass. Mmm delicious!

7. Where have you travelled? Was it with a choir or band tour?

I was born near Lake Victoria in Kenya, and then came to the U.S. with my friend, noted mezzo-soprano, Kathy Lawton Brown. I’ve been to almost all 50 states, I just need to visit North Dakota and Connecticut and then I’ve seen them all!

8. What is your current occupation outside of the Choirs?

I teach water aerobics at the mid-county YMCA. It is great fun!