Enjoy listening and reading what some of our Alums, Students, and Parents have to say about their Choir experience!

What do parents value about the St. Louis Children's Choirs?

At season’s end we invite our parents to share their thoughts with us on how the choirs make a difference.

"I love the positive attitude and the sense of inclusion and love of peace. It makes me so extremely happy at each concert to hear the sweet voices of the children and see the diverse group of singers. The children are such an amazing  
example of harmony and love that is so needed in our world right now.”

“With every event, every practice, every concert my daughter looks forward to being there with her choir friends and comes away happy and more relaxed!”

“We feel the Choirs are the best organized and professional extra-curricular activity we’ve seen. Wednesday night rehearsals are the highlight of her week!”

“I love having my child sing in the Choirs because of the positive role models and emphasis on the love of music and the values instilled. It is a wonderful organization for kids of all ages.” 

“I love the environment. I love her being surrounded by such talented people who take their craft seriously and help instill that in the participants.”

“The choirs bring kids together that would normally not meet, teaches them to be respectful of others, and lets them explore different points of view through  the common lens of music.”

“My child is receiving a music education in a format that emphasizes teamwork and excellence. The attention to detail required of the singers is something that will serve them well in every endeavor.” 

“In addition to teaching the art of music education and singing at the highest  caliber, the Children’s Choirs is greatly instrumental in teaching the students professionalism, commitment to succeed, and a loyalty to each other, the likes  of which I have never seen in any other organization.”

What do students value about the St. Louis Children's Choirs?

Our students have so much to say about their experience singing with the Choirs!

“My favorite part of SLCC is feeling like I have a second family here. We all love each other and care for one another and we all have a common ground  of loving music and striving for excellence together.” 

“There’s something truly amazing and deeply moving about the power music has to bring together such a diverse group of people.”

“I love the sense of community we have. I feel like no one gets left out. We all put aside our problems to sing beautiful music.”

“Because I have been in the choirs since I was in elementary school, I learned from a young age how to be kind, diligent, respectful, and hard-working. These qualities I have carried with me my entire life.”

“What I love most about singing in the choirs is the sense of acceptance and community the choir promotes. I love collaborating with others to share beautiful music in our community because you never know how much your music can affect others.”

“I love the dedication, the hard work, the friendship, and the love that everyone puts into this group.”

“Singing in The St. Louis Children’s Choirs has been important to me since I was in the third grade. Being a member in the Choirs I have learned the importance of being a young professional, having attention to detail, being inspirational, and trying to change the world one beautiful note at a time.”

“Singing in SLCC has had a profound impact on my life. This choir has taught me the importance of professionalism, how music performed with love can heal mankind, and has given me a second home.” 

“After having sung with the choirs for ten years, I have found my second home, brothers and sisters that have become part of my family. I have discovered that truly, ‘music made together’ really can ‘heal mankind.’” 

“Singing with The St. Louis Children’s Choirs has really changed my entire life. Not only have I been great places and met great people, but I’ve learned life skills that will always be a part of who I am. It really has been the best experience of my life.”

“The high expectations and musical challenges provided by every piece keeps me grounded in the choirs. All the directors work tirelessly to fine tune and polish every piece to perfection.”

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